For an Individual

  • Never indulge in condemnation game and look at others with reproach.
  • We should not make mockery of any individual as it tantamount to foolishness.
  • We should be calm, restrained, open- minded in our judgment and avoid unwanted contention. Opt out from, upbraiding or opprobrium.
  • Judge a situation analytically before arriving at a definite conclusion. Unnecessary suspicion robs us of our rationality and lead us nowhere.
  • Never act or do anything that might raise suspicion . when dealing with others be straight forward and open –minded.
  • Always be responsible , sincere in your work. Never hide or adopt unfair means to shield your failure. Be morally righteous in your approach.
  • Never do any work just to gain false acclamation or kudos. Be dedicated, committed to your work


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