Patha Parikrama

Patha parikrama
22 / 06 / 2019
With the blessings of our THAKUR and HIS banee our foundation has engaged itself in several social work and along with this we have also focused on the magnanimous sight of THAKUR's philosophy and now a days we are trying our level best to spread the propitiousness of our THAKUR's banee for the elevation of the soul of mankind.

According to THAKUR's ideology beside providing several facilities in the form of Medical camp and so many other social activities, healthification of human soul and mind is also an important and inseparable part of serving humanity as we do believe that healthy minds can build up a healthy society.

In order to fulfill that mission, we have taken an initiative by placing THAKUR's banee in HIS own voice to the mass. As we believe that it would be more bonafied/trustworthy and honorable to everyone......Moreover the sympathetic vibration of THAKUR's voice creates the supreme positive effect on our soul and spreads its immaculateness to the people.

For example we can state that it as, a small amount of raining brings temporary soothing effect on the bosom of this earth on the contrary heavy raining  clears all the dirt and impurities by making the earth invigorated/vivacious/rejuvenated

Similarly, THAKUR's own voice leading us towards the path of transcended bliss whose effect is beyond the power of our cerebrological comprehension.

In order to lead the mankind in that same path, our foundation organizes 'Nagar Parikrama' on every fourth Sunday of each month in several places. So many Young souls and seniors participate in that programme wholeheartedly, we gather in a particular place and lead our 'Parikrama' in a systematic way in order to spread the propitiousness of THAKUR's voice through MAHANAAM.

We also take care of those who show their genuine concern and interest after listening HIS  bane and considering that in mind we also  distribute books containing THAKUR's speech  at free of cost.


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