Religion & Spiritualism

Each spiritual guides (Guru) has tried to give more importance to personal religion & idols and has created a fear of ghost-spirit among people. They have said about temporary bliss which may give short lived happiness like bed-time stories from "Thakumar Jhuli". Today spiritualism lies only in stories which has ultimately harmed the society.

They make people visualize fantasies about the lives they’d live & thus fool them. Only the path of truth will lead a country to survive. We have lost all due to lack of ability to think logically. This is Revolt-like flood. If you pour water on someone’s land, that person will move court against you. But nobody moves against the ocean. Ocean doesn’t bother to listen to anyone, just floods everything. No one gets a chance to utter a single word.

When the original tune of this eternal universe will blossom in you, you are bound to blossom. So if "I" bind thousands of people by this same tune of practical demand and when this tune will strike, there’ll be no criticism, no resistance, all will be in one original tune of demand. The demand of death and the tune of need are the same in all.

We all are in the same status. Think in the same tune. Instinct will arise in all. Death is inevitable-tread towards the path of the great eternal universal existence. We will maintain the tune which will give us the knowledge of the ultimate. We’ll find the path of truth-why and from where have we come and what is our ultimate destination?????


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