• Take care of your parents, brothers, sisters. If possible do extent a helping hand to your relatives and society at large.
  • Be courteous, modest, kind to your parents and relatives. One should never indulge in unfair means to extract undue advantage from parents.
  • Always work with a neutral mindset. Love, respect, affability, disregard, refusal, ego, jealousy should not be the guideline while taking decision. Try to be logical, rational in your approach as it ultimately brings success.
  • Never work only for your own vested interest. Work hand in hand with all and strive for the overall development of the society.
  • Take an overall review of the immediate surrounding workplace before condemning or ordering your subordinates.
  • Always be extra careful in your approach and attitude. Never hurt others sentiments and be modest, cordial, polite.
  • Inculcate the values, qualities that the worshipped idol manifests. This is in true essence idol worshipping.


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