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22 / 06 / 2019
Balak Brahmachari Youth Foundation
We at Balak Brahmachari Youth Foundation are a group of youngsters who have come together to celebrate Beloved Thakur, who rests in a pivotal chamber of our heart. We endeavour to extend a helping hand to those in need, spreading smiles and a sense of divine peace.

All the young members of our group under the guidence of the respected seniors of Balak Brahmachari Youth Foundation meet on 3rd Sunday of every month in order to indulge in some spiritual activities such as meditation, listening to the divine speech of THAKUR and wonderful spiritual discussions guided by an extraordinary faculty members of Balak Brahmachari Youth Foundation.
We believe that Meditation, by sharpening our intellect and bringing simplicity and innocence, explores the true nature of 'who we were' and 'who we are going to be'. Meditation adds a new perspective to life and envelops us with a surreal sense of peace, tranquility and divine contentment.
It brings forth wonderment. Meditation makes life meaningful. Through meditation we attend the right balance of head and heart, thereby being able to fathom that true essence of life.

Moreover, we are extremely grateful to our honorable seniors, who treat each one of us as their own son and daughter and guide us to understand our BELOVED THAKUR's vastness and sweetness and the true spirit of HIS philosophy and ideology by providing the exact information about THAKUR's life and events. (picture of seniors).

Carrying THAKUR and HIS ideology in our heart and following the footsteps of our respected seniors we, the young members of foundation also take part in the medical camp to run this noble mission successfully and try our level best to take care of everyone by listening and solving out their problems. We also hope that with the blessings of our THAKUR in future we will be able to conduct more social activities in order to serve humanity.

Being the young souls we feel that amidst the heart-rending battlement of earning livelihood in this chaotic world, our THAKUR's voice, HIS philosophy generate/erect that rapturous delight in our heart. HIS divine speeches are not just only enriching or enlightening our souls but at same time the sympathetic vibration of HIS voice helps us to become more strong and leading us towards that transcended bliss.



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